Enmicro Precision Electronic

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  • Next 5-8 years

    In the next five-eight years, it is going to be listed; Enmicro Precision has developed into one of the well-known IC test solution providers.

  • 2020

    Establish Rongwei Electronics Laboratory; open overseas markets such as Europe, America, South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia.

  • 2019

    Introduce six σ management; obtain national high-tech enterprise qualification; 5g industrial technology alliance member unit; the third generation semiconductor industry alliance member unit.

  • 2018

    Twenty-one CNC;six new wire cutting machine tools, precision grinder, Numerical control lathe; adopt ERP、 introduction 6 S management; obtain Shenzhen high-tech enterprise qualification.

  • 2017

    With fourteen FANUC CNC;add one Carl Zeiss and pass ISO9001 certification.

  • 2016

    Eight FANUC CNC and one Nikon automatic image measuring instrument.

  • 2015

    Four FANUC CNC, one manual quadratic; Japan yokowo technology、processing、 quality、 marketing team joined.

  • 2012

    Enmicro Precision from the original organic processing plant independent, separate registration

  • 1997

    Start precision manufacturing.